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The musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown is iconic in its style. Originally designed to be played on a uniset, the "Revised" version updated the look and feel and opened the door for scenery that would play better on a larger stage.
Giant CouchOur design went with oversized props and set pieces that were very colorful. The couch for queen Lucy was 8 feet high 10 feet wide and 5 feet deep and featured a black light flower pattern..
Our Snoopy had not one but two dog houses, the one for the Red Baron scene was on a turntable and pivot and could spin 360 degrees. So our hero could look like he was really flying.

Dog house with stepsAnd he was no slouch when he was on the ground either. the second dog house, which was used for most of the show, had a secret staircase that poped out of the front just as Snoopy starts to sing "Supper Time".


Cardboard bus

Our Cardboard bus got the peanuts to school in style


We built our own starlight curtain for this production. It started out with 1500 bulbs. With each new show more lightsets are added and now we have over 2500 light on it




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