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There is an old saying: choose your friends wisely. When it comes to The Kelsey Theatre, we believe we have. The theatre's staff and especially its Artistic Director have been strong supporters and invaluable partners in OnStage's efforts to bring quality theatre to the Mercer County area. In fact, the The Kelsey Theatre mission statement dove tails so nicely with what OnStage is trying to achieve, we would like to share it with you here.

As a community college theatre, Kelsey, the family theatre, has a three-part mission:

  1. To serve the community by offering a diverse series of arts events, suitable for the whole family, aimed at expanding the young peoples' awareness of the arts of many culture, the accessibility of classic liturature, and the many different forms of performing arts.

  2. To educate the college students and staff by providing exposure to the many different genres of theatre and affording them the opportunity to produce theatre themselves; in addition to working with more experienced semi-professional, professional performers and directors.

  3. To support the theatre community by providing serious and meaningful performance opportunities necessary to their development as artists.






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